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Jacqueline from Alabama



from Alabama

Jacqueline, born September 2003, is a very sweet and loving child. She is 13 years old and she is in the 6th grade. She likes to read because she says it's fun. She likes attending church because she says she likes learning about Jesus. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Jacqueline enjoys being outdoors and participating in different activities. She likes to help out in the garden and she likes to play basketball. One of Jacqueline's favorite things to do is complete puzzles and word searches. She can be shy at first, but once she is comfortable, she is very loving. Her favorite tv shows are Andy Griffith and Good Times. She is very independent and likes to learn new things every day. Jacqueline enjoys reading and works very hard in school. She loves to shop and dine at different restaurants. She is well-behaved, but she can be very playful at times. When Jacqueline grows up she wants to become a missionary so she can share her love for Jesus Christ.

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