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Jayden from Alabama



from Alabama

Jayden, born in August 2008, is an outgoing eight year old boy. He is kind and very inquisitive. He is not afraid to ask any question to anyone he sees. Jayden will attach to anyone new he meets instantly and close supervision is needed due to this. Jayden likes to help with chores that keep him moving due to his hyperactivity. Jayden enjoys sports such as basketball, swimming, and he loves to play kick ball. He enjoys school and does well with his grades, and will be going into the 4th grade for the 2017-2018 school year. Jayden loves to do math and enjoys math games. He can be fearful and anxious. He prefers to have a night light in his room when he sleeps. Jayden is helpful, protective of people he loves, and he is loyal and honest. He is a joy to be around and can quickly put a smile on your face. Jayden wants to find his forever home and be a part of a forever family.

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