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Gabriel from Arizona



from Arizona

Intelligent and curious about everything, Gabriel enjoys all things Tranformers, including the Rescue Bots TV show. His favorite character is Optimus Prime. And just as there is more to a transforming bot than what meets the eye, there is more depth to Gabriel as well.

This very active boy enjoys spending time outdoors, which allows him space for physical movement. He currently has access to a trampoline and expends lots of energy jumping. He also like swimming and riding bikes, although he still uses training wheels. Gabriel also likes to dance!

When he can’t be outdoors Gabriel keeps busy doing arts and crafts, playing with Play-Doh, painting, building with Lego blocks and playing with cars. He also enjoys helping bake desserts — especially cookies and cakes. He also enjoys all kinds of books.

Gabriel likes to be included in everything and especially enjoys having one-on-one time with a trusted adult. Gabriel is currently home-schooled, but he has come a long way in learning how to play with other children.

It is important for Gabriel to have a two-parent home including a strong male role model. He needs a family with consistent daily routines as well as clear expectations and consequences for actions. He will do well with older children in the home but will need supervision around pets. His forever family should have a good sense of humor, a lot of love and patience.

Gabriel was born in 2011.

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