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Maurice from Arizona



from Arizona

Maurice is a happy, energetic teenager who loves football, soccer, basketball, swimming and video games. He would love to learn algebra, how to do back flips into the pool and how to work on cars! In the future, Maurice says he would either like to play professional football, a street bike racer, or be a mechanic. He would also like to build a “cool car.”

Maurice loves all kinds of animals but thinks he would like to have a snake for a pet. Maurice loves projects that are hands-on and enjoys art because he can express his feelings that way. He would like prospective families to know that he is tall, wants a good education and that he is a good kid.

Maurice has a smile that will melt your heart and his heart is wide open; he loves everyone and loves to make people laugh. He would love to have a forever family who will help him get into a good college and will love him forever. Maurice was born in 2002.

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