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Mychel from Arizona



from Arizona

Mychel is a calm, sweet and special child. His vibrant red soft curls, freckles, and incredible smile will immediately grab your attention when you first meet him. Those who know Mychel best describe how much music sooths and comforts him. In addi­tion, Mychel enjoys playing with any type of toy that lights up with bright colors and that makes fun and interactive sounds. He loves his chair that sits in front of a big window on most days, as it is very comforting for him. Mychel has a medically fragile diagnosis that requires continual specialized care. A family that has experience or who is open, willing, and able to learn about how to best care for Mychel’s specific needs would be best in giving him a loving environment. A two parent household is preferred in order to help ensure that Mychel is able to receive the best possible support.

Mychel was born in 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about Mychel, please Contact Victoria Celaya at vcelaya@cfcare.org

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