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Brett from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Brett was born in April 2015 via C-section from a pregnancy complicated by maternal toxemia in the 8th month of gestation, polyhydramnios, and decreased fetal movement. He had an overall difficult neonatal course which included ventilation and oxygen therapy, severe hypotonia and quadriparesis with limited range of motion of his limbs. Brett has been diagnosed with a congenital malformation syndrome, predominantly affecting the facial area, and delayed development.

Brett’s caregivers share that he has made slow but continuous progress since his placement at the orphanage, including the development of sucking and swallowing reflexes so that tube feeds are no longer necessary, an improvement of his muscle tone, and an increase in spontaneous movement of his lower limbs. Brett rolls from front to back and when lying on his stomach or placed in a seated position, he shows good head control. His trunk strength has also improved and he is able to sit with the support of just one hand, as well as hold himself upright in a baby walker. Brett reaches for toys that are attached to his bed and grasps objects that are handed to him. He enjoys musical toys and rattles and loves to press the buttons on a musical book with flashing lights.

Brett shows an interest in his surroundings, follows with his eyes, and turns his head in response to sound. When spoken to by an adult he shows good eye contact. He smiles and laughs when tickled and cries when feeling unwell.

Brett needs a forever family who is prepared for his evolving diagnoses, and who can offer him acceptance, encouragement, and love.

Weight at birth: 3.37 kg Height at birth: 50 cm Weight Jan 2017: 9.2 kg Height Jan 2017: 84 cm

Update February 2017: A previously suspected metabolic disorder in Brett has not been confirmed, thus his diagnosis remains the same (congenital malformation syndromes predominantly affecting the facial area). Recommendations for Brett include rehabilitation sessions and breathing exercises. At present, Brett receives physical therapy 5 times a week and works with a psychologist 3 times per week.


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