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Roman from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Roman was born in April 2012. He has been diagnosed with generalized developmental disorder and hyperactivity disorder with cognitive delay and stereotypic movements. Roman’s current psychologist, who has been monitoring him for over 3 years, believes that based on the positive developmental progress Roman has shown adjustments may be made when these diagnoses are reevaluated in May 2017. In fact this psychologist states that it is always a pleasure for him to update Roman’s paperwork as each time there are new skills or achievements to report.

Roman is a strong boy who walks, runs, climbs, and likes to move heavy objects. He goes quickly from one activity to the next but can stay focused when he finds the activity particularly enjoyable. Over time Roman’s interest in toys has increased and he now becomes excited when he learns what new toys can do. He especially likes playing with musical instruments and shows rhythm when banging on the drum. Roman understands what is said to him and follows instructions. He joins in group activities, imitates other children, and distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people, warming to the latter once he makes certain that they are safe and accepting. One of Roman’s favorite activities is cleaning, which he does often at his foster home

Roman says several meaningful words and uses frequent vocalizations as well as nonverbal means of communication to express his emotions. He has become calmer with a noted decrease in self-aggressive behaviors, which now seem to surface mainly due to frustration over changes in his environment and fade once he adjusts. Roman attends a daycare center for children with special needs three times per week where he works with a psychologist, special education teacher, and speech therapist. He also participates in a mainstream Kindergarten class weekly, working with a resource teacher there.

Roman has lived in a loving and encouraging foster family since 2013. His foster mother strongly hopes he will be adopted to give him a chance for a better future.

Weight at Birth: 2.350 kg Weight Oct 2016: 17 kg Height at Birth: 48 cm Height Oct 2016: 115 cm


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