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Andrew from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Andrew is a sweet and persistent boy with a big, adorable smile. He loves playing with Nerf guns, Legos, Play-Doh, and video games. He also loves to watch the ?Power Rangers? on TV. Andrew enjoys playing sports and is eager to participate in anything his older foster brothers are doing. He likes to play basketball, jump on the trampoline, ride 4-wheelers, and go out on the boat with his foster family. Some other fun activities he enjoys include going to the water park, riding his bike and scooter, and playing soccer. He recently took his first trip to the beach and absolutely loved the ocean. He has the opportunity to participate in many outdoor activities where he lives and seems to enjoy living in the country. Summer and winter are his favorite seasons, as he loves going to the park in the summer time, and he looks forward to sleigh riding in the winter. Andrew also loves pets and has positive interactions with animals. Andrew is described by those who know him as being very intelligent and persistent. He is helpful and seems to excel when he is given a purpose or a task. At times, Andrew can be very strong-willed and likes to get his own way, so a family who can help him exercise age-appropriate decision-making would be a great fit. He thrives with structure and a consistent daily routine and benefits when his day is scheduled and structured. He responds well to praise and positive reinforcement, especially when he is rewarded with donuts; strawberry frosted is his favorite! Andrew would benefit from a family who can provide structure, boundaries, and a firm but loving parenting style. Andrew can at times struggle with peer relationships with children his own age, so a family with older children may be a better fit for him. Andrew has birth family visitation in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. Andrew is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-7926.