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Zander from Texas



from Texas

Zander is a handsome boy with a fantastic smile, bright eyes, and a big loving heart. Zander will be a great addition to a family looking for unconditional love and ready to receive lots of cuddles. Zander loves to be held, show affection, and hear people around him being active. Zander also enjoys being read to and listening to music where he can feel the beat/vibrations. Zander's personality is positive, happy, and trusting of his caregiver. Zander has developed trust that has helped him be open to new experiences and learning and feeling new things. Zander is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and several other medical conditions. He receives in-home education services. Zander will make noises to acknowledge he recognizes when something is new, if he is upset, or if he gets excited. Zander loves being outdoors and enjoys being taken on walks around the backyard. Zander participates in family activities as much as possible, like sitting in the living room to listen to a movie that he cannot see. Zander enjoys eating with the family during dinner, going on family outings, and listening to others around him. Zander likes to listen to music which stimulates his brain and auditory system. He loves to sit and play with his toys on his lap and to be shown human touch. Zander is ready to go home with his forever family and receive cuddles and unconditional love from his forever parents!

Zander's forever family will have a lot of affection to give him and will take time to help him with his daily life skills. Zander's forever family will need to understand his medical diagnosis and to meet his needs best. Zander's forever family will be patient and loving and include him in all daily activities. Zander needs a kind family that can physically push him around in a wheelchair. Zander's parents will encourage him to get involved as much as possible in the family's day-to-day activities, like watching movies, going on outings, and the home routines of dinner and bedtimes. Zander needs a peaceful and helpful home that will make him feel loved every day and will be happy to interact with him. Zander's forever parents will continue to work with Zander on building his communication skills. Zander's family will advocate and ensure all required treatment for Zander's medical needs is received. His family will show him affection and love and snuggle with him as much as possible daily.

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