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Caleb from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet Caleb and Isabel, an adorable sibling group looking for their forever family. Caleb is an active and energetic little boy with a big heart! He loves superheroes, Star Wars, building with Legos, and playing and running around outdoors. Caleb also enjoys playing with the dogs in his foster home. In school, Caleb has supports that help him do his best in math, reading, and writing. The teachers at Caleb schools reported that Caleb is very motivated to do well, loves playing with other children and is a model student behaviorally. Lastly, he responds well to redirection, praise, and encouragement. Isabel is a playful, affectionate young girl with the cutest little voice. She loves Disney movies with princesses including Moana, Frozen, and Tangled. She also enjoys playing with stuffed animals, Barbie's, and doll babies. Additionally, Isabel loves playing with the dogs in her foster home. She currently attends preschool once a week. These children are looking for a loving, caring, and patience home. It would be best if they lived in a home without any other children or a home with older male children. Caleb would do best in a home with at least one female caregiver. They have weekly visits with their birth parents in Central PA area. Caleb and Isabel are not legally free for adoption. For more information about Caleb and Isabel, please contact their recruiter Addie Bitzer, at