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Eric from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Eric is a friendly and polite young man who shows compassion to those around him. He is kind-hearted and views himself as a good person. You'll often hear him asking others if he can get them something to eat or drink; he is very thoughtful! Eric is helpful around the house and loves animals, especially cats. His favorite foods are pizza, corn, and tater tots. Eric has many interests, though he prefers being indoors rather than outdoors. He especially loves anything to do with Pokemon! He enjoys playing the Pokemon games or watching the Pokemon movie or cartoons. He often draws characters when he has free time. Eric also enjoys building with Legos, playing board games or playing video games, especially Minecraft. He would like to have his own Xbox, Play Station or Nintendo DS one day. Eric receives support in the school setting and earned some A's and B's on his report card! A family who could help Eric develop some good study habits would be a great help, as he does well with structure and repetition. He would do best in a family where he is the youngest or only child, with one or two parents to offer support and oversight. He is learning how to build trusting, healthy relationships and will need a family who is supportive and able to set clear boundaries. Eric has siblings with whom he has telephone contact. Eric is not yet legally free for adoption, but the county will enact final steps to pursue termination of parental rights upon the identification of a permanent resource. To learn more about Eric, please contact his recruiter, Amy Silfies at