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Ivy from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Ivy is an outgoing, affectionate, and talkative young woman who has a generous heart. She cares deeply about people close to her. She loves meeting new people and is always ready to share stories and have a conversation. She also loves to be silly and goofy and has a lot of interests and is always open to trying something new! Ivy also loves to play games like Scrabble, Uno, and Scattergories. She's incredibly creative and loves all things artsy. She also likes to tinker by taking things apart and building something else with the parts. When it's nice out, she enjoys being outside and especially loves swimming in the summer! She hopes to be on the swim team one day, and she'd also like to try track. Ivy considers herself to be ?girly? especially because she loves pink, purple, make-up, and dressing up. She likes to sing and dance, especially to anything Disney! In addition to Disney musicals, she also likes Hairspray and Grease. Singing in the car is a great bonding activity! Ivy is a huge Disney fan and hopes to one day get to Disney World. If she was to join you on vacation, she would like to try food that is new to her or a little unusual! She likes everything, but she definitely has a sweet tooth. Ivy really enjoys school and has some supports in place to ensure her success. These are minimal, but will be continue to be needed. Ivy has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and is very intelligent and independent. Ivy really wants to be adopted and find her forever family. The fact that she does not have a family to call her own weighs heavily on her. She loves animals and would love to have a pet. Ivy would do best with a family of either a single mother or two mothers. She would do best with sisters as siblings. Ivy does have contact with her half-brother, and this relationship is very important to her. Ivy is not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. For more information about this wonderful young woman, please have your worker contact Katie, at