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Joey from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Joey is in search of a very special forever home. Could you be the family that provides him with this home? Joey is a calm and curious teen boy. He enjoys doing puzzles with large wooden pieces and he can find hours of enjoyment in playing with them. He loves to go out in the community, especially walking around with others at the park on a nice day or at the mall. Going out to eat is a special treat for Joey. He always wants to order French toast; it is his absolute favorite. Joey does not allow his diagnosis of autism get him down. He is learning to use a tablet in order to communicate with others and making strides with the academic and therapeutic supports he is receiving. Joey is well-liked in his current placement as he is described as cooperative, likeable, and has a fun laugh. Please contact his recruiter for more information about whether or not Joey might be a great match for your family. Joey is not legally free for adoption; however when a permanent resource is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.