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Sahbay from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Sahbay, like most young boys, is a very energetic young man who thrives when engaged in social and athletic opportunities. One of his greatest outlets in processing change has been his active participation on a travel soccer team. Once his energy is released, he is very helpful around the home. His teachers and educational team express positive feedback stating he has made significant progress in school both behaviorally and academically. Sahbay would be able to reach his fullest potential in a home where he is the only child or in a home with a teenage male, as he would thrive with an older mentor. Sahbay would most enjoy a two-parent family who enjoys attending sporting events and playing outside. Sahbay currently participates in visitation with five of his siblings and a potential family must be open to continuing this communication, as Sahbay benefits from his time together with his siblings. Sahbay is legally free for adoption.