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Tiffany from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet Tiffany! She describes herself as being trusting, athletic, young, loveable, outgoing, and responsible. She likes being the center of attention and responds very well to one-on-one attention. Tiffany enjoys playing sports and is doing well in school, where she is an A and B student. She loves animals; she grew up on a farm and wants to become a veterinarian after she completes college. Tiffany is doing well in her current placement. She benefits greatly from structure and consistency. Familiar faces that she trusts help a lot with her coping skills. Tiffany would like a family with two parents and she would like to be oldest child as she enjoys taking care of her younger siblings. Tiffany's birth family is consistently involved in her life. While she loves her birth parents, Tiffany is aware they are unable to provide her with what she needs. Tiffany is not yet legally free for adoption. If you think you have a loving and supportive home to give Tiffany, please contact her recruiter, Mark Medrano, at