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Aa'kira from Texas



from Texas

Aa'Kira is an affectionate, passionate and bright child. She is energetic and can be outspoken at times. She is a strong-willed and creative child. Aa'Kira writes her own stories and enjoys reading, which is her favorite subject in school. She also likes writing and art class. She loves to play with dolls, dance, draw and do arts and crafts. Aa'Kira enjoys spending quality time with her caregivers and also enjoys being around other children, but she sometimes has difficulty playing and relating to her peers. She is spontaneous and can be easily distracted and have a difficult time staying on task at times. Aa'Kira does require redirection and one on one attention when this occurs.

Aa'kira needs an understanding and compassionate adoptive family. The family must be willing to work with supportive services to ensure that she receives the most appropriate services. Aa'kira needs a family who is willing to always build on the positives, give her praise and positive reinforcement when making accomplishments or showing improvement. Aa'kira also needs a family who will provide a safe, supportive and stable home environment in order to help her social and emotional adjustment.