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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron loves movies and being outside. He enjoys going places and doing anything outside, whether is it playing paintball or doing yard work. He likes to play basketball and is very competitive. His favorite movies are all of The Fast and The Furious series and superhero movies. Aaron struggles with school sometimes but he is successful with extra support at home to ensure he completes his assignments. Aaron likes to be occupied and is always full of energy but is able to sit down and concentrate with redirection. Aaron is very smart and needs someone to believe in him and remind him of is worth and support his dreams and decisions. Aaron hopes to find his forever family!

Aaron needs a family who will take the time to listen to him and try to understand his views in life. He will do well as an only child or with other children close to his age that share some of his same interests. Aaron will be most successful in a single-parent household with only a father or in a two-parent household where the father is the disciplinarian and a strong leader of the family. He wants to find a great family with a father he will attach with and have a father-son relationship. Aaron wishes for a family who is active and loves the outdoors and someone he can share adventures with and learn from.