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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron is a happy, talkative, and youth child. He is a sweat boy who has a healthy appetite. For fun he enjoys playing football, basketball, and all types of video games. Aaron enjoys going to school. While at school he may become easily distracted and challenged to stay on task at times, however he is showing growth by responding in more positive manners when he his redirected to completing the task at hand. Aaron has a sincere desire to do well in school. Aaron at times may have difficulties with relationships with his peers and adults. Aaron can be very active, energetic, and talkative where if you are willing to give some time to play and talk about sports, a person will be able to truly connect with this lovable youth.

Aaron will excel in a family who will provide structure, love, and encouragement. He needs a family who will help him find and develop his various gifts, talents, and abilities and who will help him connect and feel a part of the family. He will do well with a positive role model who will help him learn how to interact with others. His ideal family will guide him to becoming a productive and happy adult.

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