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Alex from Texas



from Texas

Alex is full of excitement and always ready to show his foster mom all of his creations and tell her about his good deeds for the day. He is an active youth who likes to stay busy doing family activities and going on family trips. He does take time out to watch movies, play video games, and attend church. Alex is all about cars and his favorite is the Lamborghini. He is well versed on the make and model of cars. Alex is aware that he still needs guidance from adults around him so he can learn the importance of patience. When he gets in trouble, he will bring out the puppy-dog eyes in hopes that he doesn't have to go into timeout. Once he is given time to process his incidents and calm down, he returns to the person everyone knows and likes. Most of the time, Alex is an easy-going child who likes to talk about all of his adventures during the day.

Alex would like a family that is fun and active. He would also like a family that will provide him with the structure and love he requires. His family will need to have access to resources to assist him with his challenges and obstacles.

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