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Alexander from Texas



from Texas

Meet Alexander. "You get a line and I'll get a pole..." Grab some bait and the fishing gear and head down to the fishin' hole with this winsome boy and you'll have a fishing buddy for life. Alex will fish all day long if you let him. He will get a big kick and a bunch of laughs out of you trying to sing the lyrics to the old song referenced above as you head out on your fishing adventure. With his irresistible charm, Alex will capture your heart right off the bat. He will also captivate your attention with his very creative imagination. We may have a writer among us. Alex has a great sense of humor and a large spirit that enjoys laughter. Get him going and he may not be able to stop. He likes attention and when he sees he has it, he does not want to let it go. Alex loves Lego's, especially Star Wars Lego's, and is quite intrigued with taking things apart to see how they work; putting them back together is a work in progress. He enjoys all kinds of food, but bring on the pork chops! Alex likes to be helpful and finds it a pleasure to help out in the kitchen. Now, when it comes to fishing, he doesn't even care if he catches anything. This seems to have a very calming effect on Alex. He loves to be outdoors and can play outside looking for rocks for hours on end. In recent months, Alex has really gotten into BMX bike riding and has even competed in a few small competitions. Alex is not the most social of butterflies and may need a little encouragement when it comes to spending time with the family in some activities. He doesn't have problems getting along with others and might be a little "stand-offish" at first, but once he gets to know you, he will have a story to tell. He is overcoming the obstacles in his young life. Alex is fishing for keeps; not catch and release. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Alex's family will need to be flexible in their expectations and able to commit to him for the full journey. They will be able to provide the structure that is so important to Alex, while loving him more with each passing day. He will need their close attention and continued encouragement with every step of the way. His forever family will need to be savvy when it comes to fishing or at least be willing to let Alex teach them all he knows about it. Alex's family will also understand that he may need their extra support in love through his early adult years to help him successfully transition to adulthood. Alex's family will also encourage him to try new things, as he tends to settle in to routines, even though he might find joy in a new experience he might otherwise not attempt.

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