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Alijah from Texas



from Texas

Alijah is a loving and social child. He enjoys the company of other children and enjoys watching them. He also enjoys playing with musical and light up toys. Alijah is a medically fragile child who is diagnosed with several medical conditions, including Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease. He is making significant progress in all areas of his development. He is currently crawling and has mastered sitting up and grabbing small objects. He has also recently begun to attempt to make noises, like babbling. Alijah receives 24 hour nursing care and utilizes pet therapy services to help with his development. He thrives with significant sleep.

Alijah needs a supportive family who can meet his primary needs, as he has several medical diagnoses that require professional nursing care. He needs loving parents who are patient and encouraging. Alijah can't wait to meet his forever family!

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