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Amshur from Texas



from Texas

Amshur is a quiet youth with a beautiful smile, especially when she is happy or praised for a job well done. She is best described as a tomboy. She enjoys all kinds of sports, especially basketball, as she played guard for her high school basketball team. Amshur has also played flute in the band. She enjoys participating in her church youth group, as she and her siblings have been raised in church all of their lives. Amshur continues to work on appropriate ways to cope with her feelings. She generally has a sweet disposition and is a pleasure to be around.

Amshur will thrive with a family who is fun-loving, active, engages in regular recreational activities and most of all, and enjoys laughing. Her family will need to be willing to commit to her. She will do best with a family who enjoys music and church. The family will be supportive of her. Amshur wants to maintain contact with her siblings as well as some of her relatives. Her family needs to support continued contact with her family.

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