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Anelise from Texas



from Texas

Anelise is optimistic, talkative, respectful, and has a great sense of humor. She can be social and makes friends easily. She is active in the youth group at her church. Anelise a casual girl. She is good with pets and loves horses. She is a good student who accepts help when needed in math. Anelise loves horses so much that she would like to grow up and become an Equine therapist. For back up plans she would also like to be a professional barrel racer, motivational speaker, or an abuse counselor. Anelise wants to be adopted and belong to family where she can be casual.

Anelise needs a family who will provide a sense of security for her and help build her confidence. She reports she sometimes feels that her caregivers will leave her so she needs a family who is committed and will help her work on feeling safe. Anelise is a "home body" type of youth and will fit in with a country style family who enjoys horses or the outdoors. She needs a family who provides positive encouragement, reassurance, and involvement in structured activities appropriate for her age. Anelise can be very social and looks forward to having a family she can share stories with and build memories.

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