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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is outgoing, funny, and smart. He loves to play sports and has great basketball skills. He enjoys hanging out with his friends. One of his hobbies is collecting shoes. Anthony has the ability to turn a negative situation into something positive. He does well in an academic setting. Although he was nervous about attending high school, he looks forward to making new friends. Anthony struggles at times with tendencies to be bold and daring. He is learning ways to show respect. At times he can be unfriendly and challenge instructions, but he is working on improving in these areas. Anthony is very determined on achieving his goals and hopes to play for the NBA someday. He is open-minded and willing to take in new ideas and guidance. Anthony is a wonderful, bright, and caring person. He is ready to be part of a family. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Anthony will do well with a family that is patient, understanding, and willing to work through struggles. He would like a family that is nice, yet provides structure and consistency. Anthony would like to be in an environment where he is allowed to exercise his recreational needs. He receives supportive services as support for any issues or concerns presented to him.

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