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Ashton from Texas



from Texas

Ashton has a great deal of strengths. He is thoughtful and polite. He shows appreciation for others' thoughtfulness and values family. Ashton has good communication skills and can enthusiastically talk about things he enjoys. He recently enjoyed playing basketball on the school team and likes recreational activities overall. Ashton is receiving supportive services to help him learn better ways to verbally express his feelings and frustrations without the need for physical demonstrations. He struggles academically and prefers a smaller, more intimate school setting. While he has displayed leadership skills, it is not always for positive purposes. He enjoys traveling and road trips. He is good with animals and would enjoy having pets. Ashton would love to have continued contact with his siblings who are not part of this adoption. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Ashton will do well in a family what has a significant amount of parenting experience. He will do well in a smaller community with good educational resources to help him develop confidence in his academic skills. A two parent home is preferred, but not critical. Ashton will do well in a family that has a adaptable parenting style and a regular but flexible routine. His family will need to be patient as he transitions to his new home as he may take a while to adjust.

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