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Ashton from Texas



from Texas

Ashton plans to either join the military or get certified as a welder at a local trade school once he graduates from high school. He is currently taking preliminary welding classes in school to prepare him for this trade. Ashton is a sensitive youth who tends to express his feelings of disappointment or hurt when he is upset. He has to work hard in school to stay focused on his work. Ashton learns at a slower rate than other children his age, especially with math and reading. He tends to get upset in class when he does not understand the lesson being taught. He responds well to positive reinforcement and encouragement when he is doing well or needs improvement. Ashton enjoys playing video games and riding on his skateboard in his spare time.

Ashton would like to be in a home with just a few siblings. He would like to have pets that he can care for in an open country or city living setting. Ashton will benefit from a one or two parent home. A male role model in the home would be an asset, so Ashton could do "guy" stuff and play sports. Ashton will also do well with a mother figure who is kind, loving, and understanding of his needs. He would love to have brothers or sisters in his home. Ashton is looking for a safe, loving home where he can be a kid and spend quality, family time with loved ones. He will do best with a family that will reward him with love and affection, while treating him as an individual with the same support as any other child in the home.

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