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Austin from Texas



from Texas

Austin is a personable, friendly, courteous, and polite youth. He is an outgoing and nice boy who has matured greatly over the past few months. Austin enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and football, and staying active. He does require a special classroom at school on an as needed to help alleviate distractions. There are times when Austin does experiences in his mood and can display irritability when things do not go as he has envisioned. Like many youth his age, Austin likes to play computer games and talk on the phone with his friends. Austin likes animals and would someday like to have a pet of his own, possibly a dog or cat. Austin would also love to have some siblings. He will do well as a younger sibling rather than an older sibling.

Austin would love to be part of an adoptive family who shares his love of sports. He would like to have a two parent family consisting of a mom and a dad and would love to have siblings. Austin will benefit from a family who is active and will be engaged in his education and advocate for him. He needs to be a member of a family who shows affection to one another. The ideal family will be encouraging and will be in his corner rooting for him. Austin needs a family who is committed to providing him with the skills to be a successful adult.

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