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Aydenn from Texas



from Texas

Aydenn has a lot of energy and he is very playful. He enjoys music time, watching his favorite shows on TV, and playing his car video game. Aydenn is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Lung Disease. Due to his medical needs, he has some delays, but he is catching up in leaps and bounds. Ayden can count and he knows his name and age. He is speaking in short sentences and singing songs he learns at school. He also knows his ABC's and colors. Aydenn's favorite toys are truck toys that make music. His favorite food is chicken nuggets. Aydenn is affectionate and likes hugs and blowing kisses. He plays well with other children, but will often remove himself and play alone after a while.

Aydenn needs a family who will advocate for him in the school setting. They will need to establish him in a preschool program for children with disabilities or a similar type of program. Aydenn will benefit from a patient family that will create age appropriate boundaries to strengthen his interaction with others.

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