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Ayesha from Texas



from Texas

Ayesha is a sweet, loving child who is very active and friendly. She has a contagious smile and enjoys interacting with her caregivers. Ayesha has primary medical needs and is non-verbal but expresses herself through saying a few words, smiling, facial expressions, and reaching her hands out to her caregivers or pointing at what she wants. She responds to familiar voices and can make a wide range of vocalizations. Ayesha makes herself known through cries and vocalizations to alert her caregivers when she needs assistances, is unhappy, or uncomfortable. She loves to be talked to, held and nurtured by her caregivers. Ayesha loves being read to, sung to or when her caregivers talk to her; she especially loves listening to music on the radio. Ayesha participates in physical therapy and occupational therapy. Ayesha was fitted with a wheelchair as a requirement to begin the program after her third birthday. It assists her getting on and off the bus, in and out of her elementary school and provides her with a safety placement while in her school environment. Ayesha shows she is happy or uncomfortable through facial expressions. She needs assistance with activities of daily living. Ayesha is fed and receives medications through a G-J tube. She is very lovable and responds when her caregivers smile at and talking to her. She loves to interact with the other children and her caregivers. Ayesha plays with musical and light up toys. She especially loves to throw her ball and have the ball thrown to her. She is learning to walk and is able to take a few steps without assistance. Ayesha enjoys being outdoors, stroller walks, and going to the park. She loves watching television and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Ayesha needs a family who is ready to commit to her long term into adulthood.

Ayesha needs a family who is able to meet her special needs and provide her with love and care. She will benefit from a family with experience in caring for a medically fragile child or who have a health care background. Ayesha sees multiple specialists and needs a family who can manage her appointments and therapy. She is looking for a safe, loving home where she can spend quality family time with loved ones. Ayesha will do best with a family who showers her with love, affection and guidance. She will do well with one or two parents and would love adoptive siblings.

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