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Brany'ah from Texas



from Texas

Brany'Ah is a young, very friendly child, who can always be found smiling. Her smile is very infectious and you want to gravitate towards her. She is very polite and attentive when you talk with her. She loves to be outside and would love to have a huge yard in which to play. Brany'Ah loves to dress up and have her hair done. She will say "I look pretty". She loves to go to school and makes friends easily. Brany'Ah is very inquisitive, and sometimes acts hasty when trying to gain knowledge of new things. She has had challenging upbringing, but she participates in supportive services to help her. She is striving every day, to be a better Brany'Ah.

Brany'ah will greatly benefit from a family with a lot of love and patience. An adventurous family, who is ready to begin a new adventure plus one. Brany'ah will benefit from a family with other children in the home as she loves to interact with other children.

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