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Brody from Texas



from Texas

Brody is an energetic boy who enjoys playing sports and being outside. He enjoys playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, Legos, video games, riding his bike, board games and going swimming. He also enjoys going fishing and making fishing lures. Brody likes learning new activities and enjoys being around people who are nice and friendly. His favorite foods are hamburgers, tacos and pizza. He spends much of his time playing with friends outside or inside playing video games. Brody really enjoys playing video games and challenging himself. He is very interested in new activities and enjoys playing with other children. Brody has been doing well in school and benefits from individual attention. He would love to have a puppy one day. His wish is for his forever family to support him and always be there for him.

Brody is in need of a two-parent household. He has stated he would like older siblings who spend time with him. Brody would like a family with pets, as he enjoys playing with dogs. Brody would like to participate in activities such as basketball, swimming, and other sports, especially fishing. His forever family will be involved in community activities, but still sits down for dinner together to discuss the day. He would love to have siblings who would spend time with him. Brody's forever family will be patient with him, and help him with homework and any activities he may not be able to do.

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