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Careline from Texas



from Texas

Careline is a very considerate, affectionate, and sweet child who tends to put others first. Initially, she can be shy around others and tends to prefer smaller groups, as she enjoys being a homebody. Careline enjoys watching anime movies with her peers. She also enjoys reading anime books and enjoys creating her own stories as she draws her stories on her own. Careline is a gamer who enjoys playing games on her Nintendo Switch. She also enjoys being around others and playing with her toys and her stuffed animals. Careline enjoys being around younger children and caring for them as she likes that they look up to her. She hopes to be a good role model for younger children. She also enjoys caring for pets, she is fond of all animals. Careline benefits from reminders to help guide her tasks and she can be rambunctious at times. She likes to fit in and wants to be liked by others. Careline is loving and stays positive about her future!

Careline will do great with a family who will commit and doesn't give up easy. She desires to be adopted and have a family who will provide her with attention and love. Careline will do well with younger children in the home. Overall, Careline wants a family who will love her for her. She will benefit from a family who encourages her to maintain a relationship with her siblings who are not a part of this adoption.

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