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Cheyenne from Texas



from Texas

Cheyenne enjoys being around others though she has a difficult time interacting with peers. Cheyenne loves to read, do arts and crafts, go swimming, and absolutely adores animals. She has a particular fondness for reptiles and will spend much of her free time learning about lizards and snakes. Cheyenne has a hard time expressing herself appropriately but is making improvements. She occasionally reacts to her anger and frustration by throwing temper tantrums or expressing herself physically. She requires a home that is structured and consistent. She appreciates being applauded for her efforts and for making good decisions. Cheyenne does best when she is given simple and clear directions and expectations. Cheyenne receives special assistance at school to better accommodate her learning.

Cheyenne needs an experienced family who can provide structure, consistency, and redirection when necessary. Cheyenne also needs a family who can commit unconditional love for her and provide her a loving and nurturing forever home. She will do best with a family who understands her history and is patient yet firm with her. Cheyenne wants siblings and generally does well with children of various ages.

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