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Chrissy from Texas



from Texas

Chrissy is a very mature, independent, and respectful teenager. She is normally pretty quiet, but can become very talkative when she starts to feel comfortable. Chrissy loves helping others and providing them with direction. She is a very strong-willed and assertive person. Chrissy enjoys participating in activities with others, but requires some alone time as well. She loves to read and write. Chrissy is a hard worker most of the time, but benefits from redirection to do her chores. She can be bold, but is usually easily redirected. Chrissy desires to be praised for all of her accomplishments and strengths!

Chrissy functions best in a stable and consistent environment that allows her to be independent and make decisions. She needs a family that will help her develop into the type of person that can make a difference in the world. Chrissy would like siblings in her forever family and hopes to have her own room. Her parents will need to be able to advocate for her and her needs.

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