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Chyna from Texas



from Texas

Chyna is a happy child who loves to sing. She enjoys coloring, playing video games, watching television, and playing outdoors. Chyna does not mind getting her nails painted, but prefers doing recreational activities outside. Her favorite meal is spaghetti and for dessert she likes to eat chocolate chip cookies or candy. Chyna is polite and well-mannered most of the time; on occasion she needs redirection for not playing well with her peers. She needs help with her self-esteem and will at times make negative statements about herself. She is able to calm herself on her own with skills she has learned. Chyna participates in life skills classes and is receiving speech therapy at school. She is doing very well in school. She is self-conscious about activities of daily living and needs gentle reminders or prompting, especially if she is heavily involved in another activity. Chyna is very sweet and loving and thrives from receiving a lot of attention, praise, and positive reinforcement. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Chyna will benefit from a family who is active and able to give her the attention she needs. She does not always respond positively to redirection and may express this with tantrums. Chyna will become withdrawn and isolate herself when she is angry. She needs to know what to expect and what the consequences will be for her behaviors.

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