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Cleedarrion from Texas



from Texas

Cleedarrion is a sweet, well-mannered boy who wants to please his caregivers. He makes friends easily and bonds quickly with adults. He is a sensitive youth who wants to feel loved by others. Sometimes he expresses his feelings by not acting his age to get attention. Cleedarrion is a joy to be around. He is a good big brother and has a strong relationship with his younger brother. During free time, he likes to play computer and video games and watch movies. Cleedarrion wears glasses to help with his vision, but he doesn't let this slow him down. He is active and enjoys being a boy. Cleedarrion has a hearty appetite and his favorite foods are hamburgers, ice cream, and chocolate. He likes to be outdoors, because he is able to run and play football. Cleedarrion is currently receiving accommodations in school to help him with his speech and class assignments due to his vision. If he had one wish, he would like to become a professional football player. He is looking for his forever home.

Cleedarrion, Ashantianna, and Kaveon are unique siblings with loving personalities. Cleedarrion is the oldest of the three. He is like a teddy bear; warm, laid back, but sensitive. Ashantianna has a bubbly sense of humor and wants to be noticed by others. Kaveon is like a 100-watt lightbulb; he is full of energy and will steal your heart. When they are together, they are happy and playful. They have some sibling disagreements at times, but for the most part, enjoy being together. The boys have more in common with each other than with their sister. This trio loves each other and wants to be together. Cleedarrion, Ashantianna, and Kaveon are looking for their forever home. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Cleedarrion prefers a two-parent family that will adopt them together. He needs a family with the time to provide the attention he and his siblings need. Their family needs to have the ability to manage children who are very active. Their family also needs to be active in community activities to give the children a chance to interact with other children and help them become involved in the community. Cleedarrion needs a family who will ensure he receives any supportive services he needs. He will do best in a home with a big yard or space to go outside and run around.