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Corvin from Texas



from Texas

Corvin is an active youth who has a very vivid imagination. He is super sweet and has a huge heart; he loves everyone. His nickname is "Mr. Awesome". He likes going to the park, going to the zoo, gardening, riding horses, riding 4 wheelers, and swimming. His favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and burritos. When he grows up he would like to be a builder and a chef. He said he will learn to build and cook anything. Corvin needs reminders and encouragement to stay focus on his tasks. He does well when he is provided with consistency and firm boundaries.

Corvin wants a mom and a dad with brothers and sisters around his age. He loves dogs and would like to have one at his house. Corvin loves to run and play outside. He needs a home that is structured in routine so that he knows what to expect and what is expected of him. Patient and consistent parents will work well with Corvin. He also would love a family who enjoys being outdoors and traveling with him.

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