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Darrelle from Texas



from Texas

Darrelle is a joyful boy with a sweet personality. He exhibits great energy and has fun running around his environment. He is affectionate and likes to have fun playing with his toys or with the family dog. Darrelle is curious of his surroundings and likes playing with the kitchen cabinets. He enjoys going for long car rides as he loves looking out the window. Darrelle is a loving child with medical needs. When he was 5 months old, Darrelle was diagnosed with Surfactant Protein C Deficiency and is diagnosed with lung disease. He is non-verbal, but can make his needs known. Darrelle has begun to communicate with gestures to indicate when he is hungry. He is fed via his G-button, but is able to eat strained baby food. He has difficulty adjusting to change and is observed to have minor outbursts on occasion.

Darrelle wishes for a family who will keep up with him and provide him with security. He wants to be loved unconditionally and accepted. The ideal family for Darrelle will provide frequent one-on-one supervision, support, and guidance. He needs to be around his caregivers as he continuously seeks their attention. Darrelle will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding of him and his emotions as he is working on finding healthy ways to deal with his irritations. The family will need to be willing to learn more about his diagnosis and work with him to progress.

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