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Darrensha from Texas



from Texas

Darrensha is an affectionate and special youth. She enjoys playing outside and interacting with her peers. Darrensha learns at a slower rate than other children her age. She benefits from assistance in academic functioning, communication, and most daily living activities. When Darrensha gets upset, she is able to be soothed and redirected. She can generally understand the difference between right and wrong and is able to verbalize this by apologizing when prompted. Darrensha can count up to ten and identify colors. She responds well to verbal praise and one-on-one assistance. Darrensha has a history of seizures and requires close monitoring.

Darrensha will do best in a structured and loving environment. She will thrive with a loving family that is caring and patient. Her family will need to be able to address all of her needs and assist her with social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive difficulties. Darrensha's family will ensure she receives all the services she requires.

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