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Denae'ja from Texas



from Texas

Denae'Ja is a very outgoing, active, well-spoken, and friendly youth. She is very knowledgeable and smart for her age. Denae'Ja enjoys spending time with her friends. She likes going to the movies, shopping, attending sporting events, and going out to eat. Denae'Ja likes learning about and interacting with different cultures. She loves to dance and is active on her school dance team. Denae'Ja also enjoys attending school and earns good grades. Her favorite subject in school is history. She plans to attend college and study dance after she completes high school. Denae'Ja is a strong minded and very determined youth.

Denae'Ja is very excited about having a forever family and wants to be adopted. She wants a family who will love her and accept her for who she is. She would like to have siblings and would love being a big sister. She would also like to be part of a family who is family oriented and active. Denae'Ja has an older brother with whom she is close and would like to maintain contact.

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