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Deseree from Texas



from Texas

Deseree is a youth with a strong exterior and gentle, loving heart. She is capable of forming important bonds with others as long as respect is the foundation of the relationship. She is very appreciative of acts of kindness from others and she values simple gestures of acknowledgement. Deseree often times prefers to maintain peace within her life, but is confident in voicing her truth when she believes that her values and boundaries have been disrespected. Deseree loves the Dallas Cowboys and is obsessed with Batman memorabilia. After graduating high school, Deseree plans to attend cosmetology school and open up her own beauty salon one day. She enjoys activities in the outdoors.

Deseree hopes to join a family where she is the oldest sibling of the household. She asks that her adoptive family have both a mother and a father, along with a family pet, preferably a dog. Deseree envisions herself living in a larger metropolitan area, where she can find herself in a completely new environment to build a life of her dreams. Deseree will do best in a household that has clear expectations, boundaries, and respect. Deseree will thrive in a household with positive role models that she can look up to and emulate, as historically, she has taken the caretaking role.

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