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Desiree from Texas



from Texas

Desiree is a determined and precious child who can steal your heart. She is reserved around new people, but is definitely an extrovert once she gets to know you. Full of life, this princess is very energetic and loves to play. In fact, Desiree loves to dress up in pretty clothes and her boa and feel like she is the most beautiful princess in the land. She loves her dolls and Barbie, but really loves to ride around on her Barbie Jeep! Those chicken nuggets from McDonald's are also a favorite of hers. Desiree shows no lack of persistence and will continue trying to obtain the result she wants. Sure of what she decides and quick to defend or stand up for herself, she holds her ground and isn't easily swayed. Like other children her age, Desiree may really enjoy something one day and then decide the next day that she doesn't like it. Desiree benefits from a lot of repetition and more time in learning. She is affectionate and loves to give and receive hugs. This little dynamo is really interested in coloring. She also likes "The Littlest Pet Shop" items and Tinkerbell. Speaking and understanding language is something Desiree tackles as a challenge. At times, she will use physical ways to communicate her needs and wants in reaction to a situation, so she benefits from close supervision. Desiree needs guidance and a lot of repetition to help her learn and practice other ways to communicate and react. She receives speech therapy and other supportive services to help her achieve her fullest potential. Desiree thrives in an environment that keeps her involved in activities and is very structured and consistent.

Desiree needs a family that is patient, nurturing, and equipped to adapt to her learning and communication style. Her family also needs to provide a high level of structure in the home with a daily routine that is easy to follow, as this is the type of environment Desiree thrives in. She needs a family that is active and likes to spend time together doing family activities. Her family will need to advocate for her in the educational and social settings. They should also have a strong support system in the area that they can rely on. A family without any animals is best for Desiree.