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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Destiny is a genuine gem. She carries so much hope in her heart and has an attitude of gratitude. Destiny does well in school. She enjoys science and the arts. Dancing and theater are her favorite hobbies and shopping is her favorite past time. Destiny loves to go skating and singing along to music. She is working on changing her diet since being diagnosed with Diabetes. Destiny likes to stay active. Keeping busy is a joy, especially when she is with friends and family. She looks forward to being adopted and having family gatherings. Destiny knows that she wants a family and she knows she wants a good education. She believes that these two things will change her life by providing her with love and opportunity. Destiny is a forgiving person and has resolved past hurts to reach towards happiness. Although her past has created challenges for Destiny, things seem to be coming together piece by piece. There are times when progress is optimum and fast paced, while at other times it seems to lag. She pushes forward looking for opportunities to succeed. Destiny seeks to be positive and upbeat, but has days when she really needs to be encouraged. She requires support and understanding from her caregivers. Destiny says that she likes herself and would not change anything. She is finding the strength to address her needs and overcome obstacles as she learns new coping skills. Her forever family will help her take an honest look to make the harder changes in her life. She will benefit greatly from a positive female role model who will spend time sowing seeds of wisdom into Destiny. Destiny is a caring person who finds satisfaction in helping others. Destiny desires to go to college and experience new adventures. She would like to travel and meet new people.

Destiny will do well in a two parent home or a home with a single mom. Her family will understand Destiny's need to continue to process her life by using supportive services. The ideal family will be active and adventurous. Her parents will take joy in letting her experience new things, cultures, and places. They will advocate for her to achieve her dream of graduating college. Destiny's parents will see her vulnerabilities, thus gently guide and teach her. They will share family values with Destiny and help her polish the rough edges. Destiny prays for a full family with siblings and a pet. Most of all she wants a family who will love and accept her.

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