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Devante from Texas



from Texas

Devante is a sweet, active, loving boy who is longing for a home of his own. He is intelligent and has high aspirations. Devante is very capable of making excellent grades, he may need additional support and assistance in math. He is otherwise at or above grade level in his school subjects. Devante is generally a positive person and has persevered through many difficult living situations. He is hopeful about being adopted and participating in normal childhood activities and very much wants to go on to attend college. He loves sports of all kinds and follows football, basketball, and baseball. He also likes to play sports with his friends. Devante enjoys attending church when he is able.

Devante needs a family who is patient. He is a very smart youth who will question things and needs to understand what's going on around him and why things are happening. Devante would like a family who will set firm boundaries for him as he does best when he knows what is expected. Devante likes to joke around and a family with a sense of humor is a must. He would like a family who is compassionate to the things that he has been through in his life. He likes to play video games and to play outside, so an active family will benefit Devante. He has siblings who are not part of this adoption, with whom he would like to maintain contact.

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