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Devin from Texas



from Texas

Devin is a very upbeat teen with a great sense of humor. He is an outgoing youth with a wonderful personality. When it comes to academics, Devin does well in most of his classes; he struggles with algebra and math strategies. Devin's favorite subject in school is history. Devin has had some issues at school with tardiness due to talking with his friends in the hallway instead of going to class. Devin has no problems expressing his opinions and at times this can cause him problems. He does not alwoays show respect to authority and follow rules. Devin likes all sports, like football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and track. He enjoys talking with his friends and having the occasion to visit and spend time with his brother. Devin likes playing games, watching funny movies, listening to music, playing with animals, drawing, fishing, going on walks/hikes, and going to church. Devin's favorite foods are chicken nuggets and pizza, but he also likes chicken, steak, and vegetables. Devin has plans of going to college, but does not know exactly what he wants to do. He is being encouraged to start making goals and concrete decisions about his life and where he would like to attend college. When asked what makes him laugh, he said funny movies. When asked what he likes to do with others, he said he likes talking to them and watching movies. When asked to describe himself in one or two sentences, he said that he is funny, like to talk and has a good personality.

Devin needs a nurturing and attentive family who is willing to accommodate his desires of maintaining his relationship with his brother. He will also benefit from a small family with a mom and dad or a single dad. Devin will do well with a family who enjoys participating in community and school functions, while allowing the child(ren) to fulfill their social needs by participating in school functions. Devin likes to be appreciated and treated the same as other children in the home if adoptive siblings are a part of the family.

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