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Dusty from Texas



from Texas

Dusty is an active youth who loves to play sports, skateboarding, play video games, and build things. He also enjoys working on cars and bikes in his free time. He is involved with the JROTC program at his school and loves it. He joined the air rifle team through JROTC and is on the primary shooting team. Dusty is also involved with the drill team and PE team. He loves competing with his JROTC peers. Dusty was recently chosen to represent his school at a board meeting and helped greet and seat board members. He has always been interested in military airplanes and hopes he can be a pilot one day. Dusty also likes to ride four wheelers and dirt bikes. He does well academically in school. He will benefit from positive guidance and learning ways to move forward. He does well when he is able to stay busy. Dusty is a sweet youth who has a lot to offer.

Dusty's ideal family will preferably not have smaller children. He needs to be in a home where he is the primary focus and receives the supportive services he requires. Dusty needs a structured home environment that is also nurturing. He is active and will enjoy being with a busy family who likes working on things outdoors.