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Dylan from Texas



from Texas

Dylan is a very sweet little boy. He is very loving and does not meet a stranger. He loves riding his bicycle. Dylan also loves to swim and watch television. He likes to play with Legos and especially likes to build things. Dylan, at times becomes upset if things do not go as he would like but he is redirected easily. Dylan struggles with reading and has a very short attention span. He is happy almost all the time, except when he is told no. Dylan likes to hug and kiss everyone he meets. Dylan has a very close bond with his twin brother.

Camron and Dylan are very sweet twin who have close bond. They love all things boy. Camron and Dylan both love fishing and riding their bikes. They also enjoy watching television. The boys need a lot of redirection to stay focused. Neither of the boys like mornings and so have a very rough time getting moving. They can be particular about how and when things are done. Dylan is an affectionate child who likes Legos and building things. Camron is sweet and caring and loves transformers. Both love to be active and like participating in various activities. Camron and Dylan both need a lot of help for school work. Camron and Dylan need someone who is devoted to them and willing to put in the time.

Dylan needs a family who is very structured. He does very well when he knows the routine and knows what to expect. He needs a family who will advocate for him in the educational system and who will provide him help with his academics. One of his top wishes is to be a part of a forever family. He needs someone who is very committed and understanding, who will assist him in reaching their goals. Dylan will be adopted with his brother Camron. He has another sibling who is not part of this adoption. He wants a family who is open to continued contact with his other brother. The ideal family for the Dylan will provide an active lifestyle.