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Elijah from Texas



from Texas

Elijah is an early riser who does not waste a moment of daylight. He is very active and enjoys being outdoors, riding his bike and participating in all types of recreational activities. Elijah likes to go camping where he hikes, fishes, and goes boating. He is bright, big-hearted, and helpful towards others. He has a great sense of humor. Elijah typically has a smile on his face or is laughing. His favorite subjects in school are math and science. Elijah also likes to draw, color, and read. He occasionally receives assistance in school to help keep him on track academically. Elijah gets along well with others and makes new friends easily. He can be very cooperative and loving when he chooses. He is very curious about the world around him and loves to ask questions. He loves airplanes, especially sitting in the window seat and looking out! Elijah is timid and quiet around new people, but opens up once he gets to know you. He enjoys physical affection a lot and loves giving hugs. He openly shows his emotions, so you won't be guessing how he is feeling. Elijah can be bold and spontaneous, but is usually easily redirected. Some of his favorite activities are listening to music, watching T.V., and playing basketball. Elijah is very concerned with remaining in close proximity to his siblings, who are not part of this adoption. Elijah is diagnosed with a medical condition that requires close monitoring with medication and routine medical care. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North Texas.

Elijah needs a family who will be with him as he continues to grow and develop. His family will need to help him with his school work and in his day-to-day developmental. He needs a family who will assist him with his medical regiment so that he may live a long, healthy life. Elijah needs a family that will provide unconditional love and support and who will not give up on him. A family with a lot of patience and who will set very clear boundaries and expectations is beneficial. Elijah will do best with a family that will praise him for positive behaviors and allow room for mistakes. Elijah has several siblings who are not part of this adoption. His family needs to be willing to facilitate communication between them. Elijah is diagnosed with a lifelong medical condition, so his family will need to ensure that his medical needs are met. The family will also need to have a very good understanding of his developmental functioning level and be able to manage his behaviors and needs throughout his life. Elijah will benefit from continued supportive services.