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Ella June from Texas

Ella June

Ella June

from Texas

Ella, who prefers to go by "Grace," is a sweet, talkative, spunky, and loving child. She likes to be active and enjoys going to the mall or the movies, or even just talking on the phone. Grace likes to play games and watch TV. She loves spending time with her foster family and really enjoys one-on-one time. Grace is determined, strong-willed, and independent. She frequently has feelings of low self-esteem and guilt. At times, she can get easily distracted and needs direction to comply with adult requests and rules. Grace enjoys learning. She will benefit from some extra help in math. Grace is diagnosed with Spina Bifida and bilateral club feet, both of which she has had surgery to correct. She is also diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (with shunt), Renal Agenesis (only one kidney), and Arnold-Chiari malformation. Since Grace only has one working kidney, she requires frequent assistance with personal and daily living activities. She is able to walk with the aid of arm crutches. In spite of these challenges, Grace has a fighting spirit and is very active. She embraces each day.

Grace will do well with a resourceful family who has a strong support system. She will benefit from a family who will offer unconditional love, attention, and strong guidance. Grace will thrive with a family who has previous experience working with children with special needs. Above all, there must be a firm commitment to care for Grace into adulthood and deal with any issues that may arise in her future.

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