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Emily from Texas



from Texas

Emily is a fun loving child with a lot of energy and a bright personality. She loves to play with other children and is very helpful around the house. Emily uses her manners and is learning other forms of respect and etiquette. She loves going to school and learning. She is doing very well academically and behaviorally. Emily can melt down into screaming fits when she is upset, but is working very hard to improve her coping skills. Emily likes to play games and also likes to play with animals. Emily is very excited about the prospect of an adoptive family and asks her caseworker at every visit if she has found her a home yet.

A loving family without many other children would be best for Emily. She needs a lot of guidance and supervision. She can react emotionally when upset or frustrated and needs a family who is prepared to be patient with her as she continues to learn. Emily will especially like a home that will let her have a dog.